In Mysterious Ways

It remains a mystery to me.  The way things come together.  The way we continue to grow and learn … stretch our boundaries.  Discover new truths about the world,  about ourselves and about our relationships.

We  may be in the physical September of life, but our spiritual and intellectual lives remain in their springtime. 

We are lifelong seekers of our personal truth.  Of finding meaning that was denied us in our youth.  September came suddenly and, to our astonishment, we find that September has the potential to be the richest season of our lives.  A time to think and seek, find meaning and make connections.

We are the mysterious masterpieces of far more than our parents’ long-ago romance, sexuality and passion.  We come from life forces that exceed our understanding.  We are created in the image of God.

We are more than health or disease, age or appearance.  We are a bundle of nerve endings, skin, muscle, and physical characteristics mysteriously blended with soul and spirit, thoughts and dreams, goals and ambitions, successes and failures.

Can it be that we are still in a learning and changing time of life?

To that question, I respond with a resounding, “YES.”

We are more than our biology and genetic profiles.  We are complex, perplexing, and infallible spiritual beings encased within fallible bodies — traveling together through this earthly life experience with a task — to learn and grow in wisdom, love, honesty, understanding, insight and compassion until we breathe our last breath.

We are the mysterious masterpieces of God.

We seek connections between life events and spiritual purpose.

We ask why.

Sometimes we get answers.


We are the mysterious masterpieces of God.


“Life is best lived forward, but it’s best understood backward.”

                                                                                   Soren Kierkegaard   

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